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The development of cardiological support for the Polish and Belarusian population

within Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013


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About the project


The project is aiming to improve the state of health of Lublin Province and Brest District residents by broadening the scope of the services offered; developing cross-border cooperation of the healthcare units; increasing potential and knowledge transfer between them.


A total of 8 investment and non-investemnt actions were planned to be performed within the project. This includes purchase of specialized medical equipment, adaptation of the hospital rooms to the highest standards, along with staff training and transfer of knowledge between the partners, among others.


The result of the project actions will be broadening the scope of medical services provided by the partners of the project by creating and equipping the cariological laboratories in state-of-the-art equipment, as well as upgrading staff qualifications of both medical units.

The project team

The project team established by the Partners of the project consists of qualified professionals responsible for all aspects of the project completion.

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Cardiovascular diseases

Considred the main cause of health problems among the residents of the region covered by the program with the its death rate of about 50% of all deaths.


Cross-border cooperation

The Regional Specialist Hospital in Biala Podlaska and the District Hospital in Brest obligated themselves to implement joint actions aimed at improving teh state health of the border area residents, exchange of experiences and improvement of neighborly relations within the framework of the partnership agreement signed between both of them.



The project is being in 90% co-financed by the European Union. The remaining 10% of the expected cost is provided by the Partners’ own resources. The project is to be completed between 2013-2015



Cross-border Cooperation Programme is a part of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) constituting the European Commission’s initiative, the aim of which is to develop cooperation between the EU and the partner countries outside of it. Its main objective is to support cross-border development processes.

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Project in numbers

101pcs 408,79m2 1procedure 4.186.537euro

of the state-of-the-art equipment

of modernized premises

new medical procedure

project value

Modern, medical equipment that corresponds to the global and EU standards is to be purchased within the project. This will allow for a greater technical quality of the performed medical procedures that improve the quality of life of the region residents. They will meet international requirements and standards, consequently affecting the improvement of comfort and safety of the patients and the medical staff. Ablation is a modern method of invasive treatment of cardiac diseases involving damaging a portion of the heart muscle that is responsible for the formation of arrhythmias. In case of many patients it reduces the risk of stroke and eliminates the risk of sudden death. EU funding amounts to 3 767 883 euros and represents 90% of the project value. The remaining cost of the project (10%) is the Regional Specilaist Hospital in Biala Podlaska (178 602 euro) and District Hospital in Brest’s (240 051 euro) own contribution.

The project is implemented by

The Regional
Specialised Hospital
in Biala Podlaska

This is the largest diagnostic and healing centre in the northern part of the Lublin province. Approximately 380 thousand residents of the region are encompassed with its specialist heathcare.


Brest Regional


Over 1 300 000 inhabitants are provided with its medical care due to being the largest medical unit in Brest provides and offering a wide range of medical services.


ul. Terebelska 57-65
21-500 Biała Podlaska
Tel. +48 83 414 72 11


ul. Medycynskaja 7
224027 Brześć
tel. +375 162 42 00 34


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